September 5: 30-second Read from Miracle Man

Fall is a time of reflection for many people, and this week’s excerpt echoes that sentiment now that we’re moving into September. In the following teaser you’ll get a look into the existential side of Miracle Man, and into protagonist Robert James Austin’s meditations on faith and the universe.

August 15: 60-second Read from Miracle Man

For anti-celebrity Robert James Austin life hasn’t always been perfect. Before he became a “miracle man” he overcame a traumatic childhood, and in this week’s 60-second read we not only get a glimpse into that childhood, we also see him begin to come to into himself as he accepts a new home: Harvard University.

August 1: 60-second Read from Miracle Man

It’s already August, the last full month of summer, and many are starting to look back at memories of this past summer. In that spirit I wanted this week’s 60-second read to echo that sentiment of reflection. The following excerpt of Miracle Man takes a look at protagonist Robert James Austin’s tough start, as he dreams about his rocky entry into the world.