In the following excerpt of Miracle Man, big pharma is given a human face through antagonist Colum McAlister, CEO of the pharma company Bushings, who rallies his colleagues against the scientific advances of Robert James Austin:


Framed by the library’s imposing fireplace, McAlister spoke as if Obermeir had never uttered a word. “Gentlemen, I love our industry and I know you do too. I’ve given my life to it. I started out as a stock boy at a warehouse loading dock when I was seventeen. And now, Austin is destroying our business. Nobody knows who this guy is or where he came from. Some say he’s a mutant. For all we know, he’s an alien. But who cares? He’s going to cost a million people their jobs and destroy the nest-eggs of tens of millions of our shareholders. If he keeps going on like he has—the only thing left for us to manufacture will be tampons and laxatives. So we have to confront realities. We’ve been entrusted to run our companies and to do what’s best for our shareholders. That’s our job and we’re paid well to do it. Austin’s our competitor and we have to beat him. It’s really no more complicated than that. I hope I have your support.”

With the exception of Obermeir, all of the CEOs present agreed that Robert James Austin was the enemy and the enemy had to be stopped.



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