Fall is a time of reflection for many people, and this week’s excerpt echoes that sentiment now that we’re moving into September. In the following teaser you’ll get a look into the existential side of Miracle Man, and into protagonist Robert James Austin’s meditations on faith and the universe.


There is a force of negativity and destruction in the universe. Highly efficient and infinitely resourceful, it empowers and leads. It gives diseases their resiliency, their tenacity, their propensity to reinvent themselves, resist treatments, regenerate and defensively mutate. It propels them. This force is not a neutral physical phenomenon. It’s an evil —an active and pervasive evil. Are you surprised by this? Don’t be. There is balance in the universe. That is the immutable law that governs what otherwise would be chaos. Everything has its reciprocal, its opposite. Do you believe in God? I do. Well, you can’t have just that.


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