MIRACLE MAN by William R. Leibowitz has been unanimously heralded by reviewers and readers. ONE OF AMAZON’S TOP 100 NOVELS OF 2015, A NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER, AN AMAZON TOP 10 BEST SELLING THRILLER, and WINNER OF A NATIONAL “BEST THRILLER” AWARD, the enthusiasm for this unique novel has been overwhelming.

MIRACLE MAN is a medical/conspiracy/psychological thriller that explores extraordinary genius, Big Pharma corruption, CIA machinations, metaphysical forces, and one man’s tireless quest at terrible cost to validate his life.


William R. Leibowitz has been lauded as a “mastermind storyteller with a unique literary voice” and has been favorably compared by readers and critics to Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Stephen King, John Grisham and Ken Follett.

The story of Robert James Austin proves the talent of William R. Leibowitz. Rushing like a river in a torrential rain, Miracle Man stuns and entertains, swivels and twirls above and beyond that which we know. Absolutely brilliant in plot and characters, I could not put this novel down for even a second. This novel pulses and throbs with a story that proves both vulnerable and heart breaking. Brilliantly written, utterly entertaining and un-put-downable, Miracle Man is one of those novels that cannot be missed. STUNNING.” –The Review Boards

“This is a magnificent story. Miracle Man is destined to be a best seller. I gave it one of my very rare A+ ratings. This is a dramatically superior novel.” –blogcriticsorg.

“The Only Book You Should Be Reading Now” –William R. Leibowitz is a mastermind storyteller and his lead character, Robert James Austin, becomes so alive on the pages. The aching realness of him is what sets this book apart from other stories with superheroes or anti-heroes. This book is incredible.” –outnumbered3to1blog

“Miracle Man is a heartbreaking, inspirational and beautifully written story. I was absolutely consumed by it the minute I started reading. Robert James Austin is one of the best characters I have ever read. This is an incredible book.” –Savannah Mae Blog

“Have you ever read a book that left you in a stunned silence? No? Then read Miracle Man. What book has that kind of power? None besides this one that I have just read. Miracle Man is absolutely amazing. This is a great story. Miracle Man will have you look at life in general in a whole new way.” –feedmeinbooksreviewblog

“Superbly written, and faultlessly executed, Miracle Man will raise much interest in Leibowitz and rightly single him out as an author to watch. This book is a genre busting thriller. Highly original and high voltage.” –Book Viral

“And so a gripping novel of psychological tension becomes much more than your usual ‘medical thriller’, and is a pick for any who want high octane action and emotionally-charged reading right up to an unexpected, gripping conclusion.” —Midwest Book Review

“This book’s got a great storyline and genius characters. Miracle Man flows, it draws you in, and it finishes strong. Miracle Man really pulls you in–you just start to feel it. Miracle Man is perfect.”—Sunshine Mountain Book Review Blog

—-The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero. Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real. So begins the saga of ROBERT JAMES AUSTIN, the greatest genius in human history. But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from and why do so many want to destroy him? Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal. But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand. 

REVERED by many, REVILED by some, but none can doubt that Robert James Austin is REMARKABLE.