The Austin Paradox Reviews



“With far too many science fiction thrillers paying superficial homage to originality, it’s rare to find a writer who manifests diversity in thought and execution, while avoiding the pitfalls of overt imitation.  Bringing a unique and compelling voice to the genre, Leibowitz set himself apart with his debut novel, Miracle Man, and The Austin Paradox now kicks his series into overdrive. With plotting that is fast-paced, elegant and compelling, The Austin Paradox is a shrewd, expansive and propulsive story that encompasses all the requisites of great science fiction.  Detail is Leibowitz’ forte.  It was clearly evident in Miracle Man and with backstories firmly established, it’s again the bedrock of Leibowitz’ narrative as he questions the notions of heroism and good vs. evil whilst painting a picture of just how “real” people with all their foibles might deal with being gifted extraordinary abilities.  It isn’t an easy genre for authors to distinguish themselves in and competition remains fierce,but Leibowitz instinctively understands the devices of his chosen genre and what it takes to stand out.  With the quality and depth of his writing, he continues to break new ground.

Delivering another superb novel, Leibowitz has done his many fans proud with a truly exceptional thriller.  The Austin Paradox is recommended without reservation and is an absolute must-read.”  …  Book Viral


“Enthusiasts of William R. Leibowitz’s thriller Miracle Man will delight in the return of Dr. Robert James Austin, who lost his   genius- level intellect in a lab explosion and now  struggles to regain his abilities.

Newcomers needn’t have read Miracle Man (although, they will want to) in order to quickly get up to speed here because a well-written prologue reveals the background of Dr. Austin.  Readers will find the thriller elements tempered with family interactions, introspective and spiritual insights, and flashes of scientific brilliance.

Connections between small events and larger consequences make for vivid, engrossing reading that doesn’t sacrifice personal relationships for the higher cause of escalating a thriller’s tense atmosphere. This is an added plus to a story that grabs from the start and is just as hard to put down as a Robin Cook saga; perhaps more so, because the family atmosphere and characters in The Austin Paradox are exceptionally well-done.

It’s hard to capture the full impact on the reader of the combination of a medical thriller paired with government and terrorist forces, and interwoven with international intrigue; all wound into one genius’ life and times. The Austin Paradox invites readers into a believable, tense world in which one man can make a difference. The result engages readers on many levels, from political to psychological to spiritual arenas, and is highly recommended for fans of medical and international espionage thrillers.”  …  Diane Donovan/The Midwest Book Review


“From the very first page of “The Austin Paradox”, author William R. Leibowitz captured my attention.  Leibowitz provides readers with well-developed characters and subplots that will scare even the most unshakable personalities.  But make no mistake– you will be kept on the edge of your seat right from the beginning.    The author does a great job of keeping the suspense and action going throughout the book and I recommend this compelling read to all who enjoy intense medical/psychological thrillers who might ask, “Could this really happen?”    …  Carol Hoyer for Reader Views


“Leibowitz spins a thriller that simply explodes with angst and a plot that sizzles.  Absolutely spellbinding, Leibowitz is our new Grisham/King with a twist and if you read no other crime novel this summer, read this one!!   It BURNZZZZZ!!”    …Ava for the bookshelf/champagneliving




Another great book from William Leibowitz.  He does a great job of informing Miracle Man as there are things that I had forgotten.  The premise of the book, the virus, the cure, all lend truth to the fact that these things probably actually happen. Although there may not be a real Austin, there must be some out there that have some of the capacity he has.  The book was easy reading, held my attention and the intrigue was compelling.   Harleybabe/Amazon



I loved this author’s first offering Miracle Man–it’s a must read and i have been looking forward to this sequel.  I am happy to report that there was absolutely no letdown as I devoured The Austin Paradox in a few days–possibly even better than the first book which set quite a high bar to surpass.  I fully expect this series to hit the big screen someday (or maybe a great Netflix series binge)– the main character is amazing and the story lines are highly intelligently written.  Absolutely brilliant!  Highly recommended.   Pete Bain/Amazon



Another great book, well done, great research!  Terrific characters, believable story line, you will not be bored.  Can’t wait for the next book, hope it will not be as long a wait. Only complaint is,it ended too soon.  Thank you William Leibowitz!    J. King/Amazon


Loved Miracle Man and was so excited for the sequel that I pre-ordered it.  Medical thrillers and suspense I only read on occasion, but these stories rock!!  Looking forward to the next as the Austin family saga continues with Bobby and Christina’s daughter.  I highly recommend this book regardless of your typical genre.   Jill Kish/Amazon


Gives the reader much to think about and consider.  Author has done a lot of research to make a believable story.   Jack E. Haslup/Amazon


Was wondering if this would ever come out and one day; two years after reading the first, there it was.  Thank you for another great book.  Looking forward to the continued series.   Amazon