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Interviewed by: Krista Schnee, Pacific Book Review


Today we’re talking with William R. Leibowitz, author of Miracle Man.

PBR: What inspired you to write the story of Robert?

Two things, really. I wanted to tell a story about a real hero—not a celebrity, but a person who treasures and acts on important human values. A person who, in fact, is an anti-celebrity, in the sense that he refuses to accept celebrity and instead pursues his selfless goals in virtual isolation. I think such a person is inspirational in the times we live in –where baseless celebrity has seemingly become the chief goal of so many. Secondly, I wanted to tell a story that underscores the sanctity of human life—all human life. Throughout history —including current times, so many people have been slaughtered. The world proceeds as if these casualties are just “numbers”. But I believe that the person who would have cured cancer was exterminated in a Concentration Camp during World War 2. No one can tell me that 6 million Jews can be killed without it having consequences for humanity—just look at the scientific and medical contributions of the Jews over the course of history. And what about the millions of Asians exterminated in Cambodia and the millions of Africans in Uganda, Rwanda and the Sudan —aside from the tragedy, I believe that some of these people would have made a contribution that changed the world. This why “Miracle Man” begins with that quote from Scriptures. So, in “Miracle Man”, I wanted to convey the message, that the death of just one person can have extraordinary repercussions—and similarly, those that save even one life, can save the world.

PBR: In what genre do you think this book falls?

It’s hard to say –as I think there are elements of the book that cross genres, but if I had to pick one genre –i would say, “thriller”.

PBR: It seems like “Miracle Man” must have required extensive research in the sciences prior to writing the book. Which part of researching for this novel did you find most interesting?

Yes, a great deal of research was required as I wanted “Miracle Man” to be believable. I did a lot of research into the nature of human intelligence — and genius, in particular –and in my efforts to devise “cures” for the diseases that Robert was working on—I did quite a bit of general scientific research so that I could cobble together cures and methodologies that were plausible.

PBR: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Most definitely—I’ve really covered that in your first question.

PBR: Would you consider this book to be spiritual in nature?

Yes, I do believe that it is heavily spiritual –the origins of Robert’s extraordinary intelligence, and Alan Gotschalk’s being “in the right place at the right time” and the meaning of the name, Gotschalk, and Robert’s battle against what he believes to be a force of evil and destruction in the universe. These things and so much more in “Miracle Man” are grounded in spirituality.

PBR: Will there be a sequel to this novel?


PBR: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I believe there are so many facets to “Miracle Man” that go beyond categorization —-that if one takes the time to read “Miracle Man”, he or she will be very glad they did. I am hopeful this book will not only entertain –but also educate, inspire and touch people on many levels.

PBR: What are you reading now? Can you name authors that you would consider as influences on your own writing?

I don’t think they are influences, but I’m very fond of Daniel DaSilva’s and James Thayer’s work.

PBR: Did you learn anything from writing your book? If so, could you elaborate on these lessons?

I learned that writing can provide a unique fulfillment.

PBR: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Never stop pushing yourself to do the very best you can. Once written, those words are around forever –so you want to feel good when you go back and read them long after the book is published.

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